June 16, 2011

Mid-June Mornings on Lake Powell, Utah

Largemouth and smallmouth have been hitting BASSDOZER JIGS with great abandon the past few days on Lake Powell, Utah.

Most enjoyable are mornings when the fish are viciously striking BASSDOZER BUZZBAITS some (but not all) mornings - but the flipping jig bite is solid in super shallow water only a few feet deep - if even that deep!

The very back ends of any cuts that have green brush or scrub trees in the water plus tumbleweeds and/or floating debris are practically sure things! A mistake that's easy to make is to think an area is too shallow! Some of the fish are coming out of one foot of water!

We continue to rack up good morning catches in super shallow water on Lake Powell as evidenced by this brace of beauties caught by Bill Bjork flipping a BASSDOZER ALABAMA JIG with watermelon candy color skirt and Yamamoto double tail grub trailer.

Above, an example of the jigs that have been working well. This is my 1/2 oz BASSDOZER FLIP'N SWIM JIG WITH A BLUEGILL SKIRT. The trailer is a MegaStrike Mega Bug with gold and purple glitter flakes. We also flipped my 1/2 oz ALABAMA JIG and my 3/8 oz WISCONSIN JIG.

1/2 oz BASSDOZER FLIP'N SWIM JIG WITH SUNFISH SKIRT and Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw trailer caught bass like the one below.

Russ Bassdozer.

1/2 oz BASSDOZER BUZZBAIT in black red flash color killed them today in water ranging from dirty to crystal clear.

Bill Bjork.

As it gets a little later in the morning, largies and smallies are hitting the 3/8 oz BASSDOZER FLAT SHAKEY JIG with Berkley Chigger Craw screwed on the wire corkscrew keeper clip. Fish right out from the shallow areas described above, wherever you see a pronounced ledge or drop-off with color change from light (shallow) to dark (relatively deeper) bottom. This is a sweet "minimalist" presentation that the fish can't refuse!