February 3, 2013

Evergreen Shower Blows & Shorty ~ Topwater Pencil Popper

Model Size Weight Type
Shorty 4" / 105mm 9/16 oz Topwater, Walking, Pencil Popper
Shower Blows 5" / 125mm 15/16 oz / 26g Topwater, Walking, Pencil Popper

Size comparison of SHORTY (top) and Shower Blows (bottom)

The Shower Blows is a style of topwater called a pencil popper that originated in saltwater for striped bass surf casting, and they're also applicable to freshwater stripers. In recent years, pencil poppers are starting to be used for freshwater bass too, but many of these are still saltwater-sized - just a little too large for everyday bass angling and a little too large for the average bass angler's rod. The Evergreen Shower Blows and Shorty are practically the only premium pencil poppers that are ideally sized for everyday freshwater bass angling.

The Evergreen Shower Blows (produced by Japanese top tournament professional Morizo Shimizu) has a tremendous walking action, and the built in tungsten weight system creates a loud knock and easy casting. Whether you like a spitting, bubbling or dog walking action, this pencil bait does it all. Long distance casting ability allows you to cover a larger body of water on each cast. Even on days when fish aren't smashing other topwater plugs, they will take this plug thanks to its rear feather hook.

Two Different Approaches

Morizo Shimizu uses the Shower Blows in two different ways, depending on the time of day and mood of the fish. When conditions are very favorable for topwater action and the fish are biting such as early in the morning, Morizo will use a fast, frantic, active retrieve. The second way Shimizu uses the Shower Blows is with a slower, side-to-side gliding and much less splashing for when conditions aren't ideal such as on a sunny, calm afternoon or whenever the fish need to be finessed to strike topwater lures.

Two Different Sizes

Without losing any of the original Shower Blows' appeal, the Shorty, at just over 4 inches long, has that same incredible walking action. The loud internal rattle chamber will call fish from far away, and short twitches of your rod will keep the bait dancing in a much tighter walk than any other topwater bait on the market. Using both sizes - the Shorty in rotation with the original Shower Blows is the most effective way to catch the maximum number of fish.


Evergreen Shower Blows SHORTY ~ Topwater Pencil Popper ~ American Shad #253

Evergreen Shower Blows SHORTY ~ Topwater Pencil Popper ~ Bleeding White #240

Evergreen Shower Blows SHORTY ~ Topwater Pencil Popper ~ Sweetfish #27

Shower Blows (125mm)

Evergreen Shower Blows ~ Topwater Pencil Popper ~ Natural Gill #262

Evergreen Shower Blows ~ Topwater Pencil Popper ~ Sweetfish #27

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