February 9, 2013

Megabass Deep-Six ~ Extra Deep Diving Crankbait

Length: 3.14"
Weight: 7/8oz
Type: Extra Deep Diving,
Depth: 20.9 feet
Hooks #2 belly; #4 tail

The DEEP-SIX was designed to reach depths of over 6 meters (20+ feet). This depth is made possible by a unique, super-thin lip that slices through the water, maintaining the ideal balance required for a steep dive-angle.

Multiway Moving Balancer System

The DEEP-SIX incorporates the Multiway Moving Balancer System found in the DEEP-X series. During casts, the main weight moves to the rear, positioning DEEP-SIX tail- first to maximize aerodynamics and casting distance.

When diving, the weight moves to the front of the lure to increase DEEP-SIX’s diving angle, which means it gets down to target depth much faster.

When DEEP-SIX reaches its maximum diving depth and contacts bottom, underwater structure, or is twitched, the main balancer is released, causing the weight to slide and increase action.

If DEEP-SIX levels out at its maximum depth without contacting bottom, the main weight is released from the front and moves to the middle position. This changes the lure’s action, creating a realistic flash and aggressive high pitch rolling and wobbling that triggers strikes from bass down deep.

Megabass Deep-Six ~ Extra Deep Diving Crankbait ~ PM Kisyu Ayu #7

Megabass Deep-Six ~ Extra Deep Diving Crankbait ~ Sexy Ayu #4

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