January 25, 2013

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless Crankbait

Length: 2 3/4" / 70mm
Weight: 9/16 oz / 18g
Type: Lipless. Sinking. Vibrating, One-knocker

Vagabond is a high-end Japanese fishing tackle manufacturer.

The first thing you'll notice is that the Vagabond BKN 70 has a swollen belly and overall, a bulkier body than most lipless crankbaits of its size. This body shape makes it wobble in addition to vibrate, and it maintains that attractive action from burning it to crawling it. So it excels at any speed. In addition, on a medium to fast speed, it develops a hunting roll, which means it deviates a few inches to the right, then straightens out, deviates a few inches to the left, then straightens out - and this is called "hunting" whereas most other lipless simply track on a straight line on the retrieve. So it not only vibrates rapidly like other lipless, but the BKN 70 wobbles and hunts a little too. Quite a lot of action - and life-like.

It does not rattle loudly. Instead it is designed to make a medium-strength knocking noise that sounds very natural and life-like.

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #003 Ayu

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #026 Bluegill

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #122 Chartreuse Orange Belly

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #106 Golden Black

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #035 Green Gill

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #100 Hot Tiger

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #102 Kabuki Claw

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #001 Oikawa

Vagabond BKN 70 ~ Lipless ~ #034 Ugu

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