September 23, 2010

Bassdozer Spinner Jigs

Bassdozer Spinner Jigs

Before making my Spinner Jig head, I first designed my original Stand Up Jig head (which has no spinner attachment). As simple as my Stand Up Jig looks, it is optimized in every way possible to be the best, and I am happy to have received many emails from satisfied customers about their success with that item.

Once I had perfected my Stand Up Jig, and had gotten a lot of confirmation back from customers worldwide and all across the USA and Canada, I was sure then that it was a solid design.

So now you know how I evolved my superior stand up jig into a superb spinner jig with the spinner attachment!

These are true stand-up jig heads, and they can be used that way in order to flip and flop the blade on the lake bottom, attracting fish with intermittent flash and flutter. Most of the time, however, they will be kept swimming or "mid-strolling" for fish suspended in mid-water. This can range from slowly, barely above bottom to barely below the surface, or any mid-level. When swam through the water column with occasional pops and pauses, the spinner jig entices suspended fish that aggregate together or school up around or over structure such as points, channel breaks, bridge stanchions, etc.

I also use these a lot where there are shoals or shallow water coming out of deep water, and off deep weed lines. I also swim them along brush lines quite a bit, especially brushy points that jut into deeper water. In these situations, there are some fish up on the shallow areas, and there are other fish (often more fish) holding off the outside edges of these areas, biding their time. The spinner jig can entice the fish up foraging in the shallows and elicit a reaction from those holding off the deeper edges.

During testing of the spinner jig, there were some days when the spinner jig proved to get more bites than the same lure with the spinner blade removed. There were days they wanted the spinner jig instead of standard spinnerbaits or standard soft baits. So it's always worth trying the spinner jig. If you luck into "one of those days" when fish want the spinner jig (and not much else), it can be lots of fun!

The SPRO Power Swivel is one of the best-made, free-spinning barrel swivels on the market. It provides better action (more vibration and wobble of the entire jig head and therefore, the soft bait dressing) than a ball-bearing swivel.

Both the 1/4 and 3/8 oz sizes have the same 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point jig hook.

The Zoom Super Fluke is one of the most popular soft baits used on these style spinner jigs. However, most any soft bait that's belly won't impede the blade rotation is worth a try. There's a fair chance that whatever soft bait you try, as long as the blade can spin or even just flicker and flash, it will probably entice at least a fish or more.

The spinner jig has a dramatic effect by spicing up the action of Yamamoto's Shad Shaped Worm. The entire body shivers and the thin tail squiggles uncontrollably. During tests with a ball bearing swivel (not included) this action was good, but with the barrel swivel (included), the shiver and shake was much more uncontrollable, putting fish over the edge. The spinner jig is the best way (and the most fun) I've found how to fish Yamamoto's Shad Shaped Worm.

Think of and fish the Yamamoto Hula Grub like a super-downsized finesse spinnerbait. The hula tentacles really don't hamper the free-spinning blade action. The photo above shows the 5-inch 97-series Yamamoto Hula Grub. The 4-inch 93-series Yamamoto Hula grub works equally swell, and offers an even smaller profile spinner bait. The tentacles billow back in an umbrella shape around the grub body. Don't dismay if short-striking fish tear the legs off your hula grub. Simply clip the leg end off the body and turn it around on the spinner jig. Bass, crappie and other fish love this! The legless, reversed hula grub is almost exactly what Yamamoto sells called the Ika. You can say the Yamamoto Ika is a solid-bodied tube bait, and they go great on these spinner jigs. Two sizes of Ika to try are the 92-seires Ika and the 92B-series Big Ika. The barrel swivel and blade make the entire jig and hook wobble hard. That shivers every tail tentacle in a way other rigs or jigs can't even come close to quivering an Ika. Fish can't resist.

The Yamamoto Swimbait and the Kinami Swimming Senko both fall within the 3-1/2 to 4 inch range. They're two of the deadliest soft swimming baits for bass, and the two colors shown: #208 (watermelon pepper with red) and #031 (pearl blue with silver) are two of the most productive colors for bass worldwide.

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 1/4 oz (5/0) White Shad ~ Nickel-Plated Blade

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 3/8 oz (5/0) White Shad ~ Nickel-Plated Blade

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 1/4 oz (5/0) Black Gold ~ Gold-Plated Blade

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 3/8 oz (5/0) Black Gold ~ Gold-Plated Blade

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 1/4 oz (5/0) Watermelon Chartreuse ~ Translucent Metallic Painted Nickel-Plated Blade

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 3/8 oz (5/0) Watermelon Chartreuse ~ Translucent Metallic Painted Nickel-Plated Blade

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 1/4 oz (5/0) Watermelon Red ~ Translucent Metallic Painted Nickel-Plated Blade

Bassdozer Spinner Jig ~ 3/8 oz (5/0) Watermelon Red ~ Translucent Metallic Painted Nickel-Plated Blade

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