September 29, 2010

SEBILE Stick Shadd Hollow 100 ~ Soft Stickbait

SEBILE Stick Shadd Hollow 100 ~ Soft Stickbait

The Stick Shadd Hollow has all the features, actions and benefits of the regular Stick Shadd hardbait, PLUS all the additional benefits of a soft body which gives even more advantages to the angler, such as snagless rigging to fish right in the heart of thick cover where the big ones hide.

As with the regular Stick Shadd hardbait, the soft version also has a very compact profile and shape of a real fish. Its aerodynamic shape allows the longest distance casts possible even in the wind. Small twitches, jerks or even reeling it in straight, provides the amazing and unpredictable swimming, jerking, darting and sliding action that brings this bait to life thanks to SEBILE's unique "Power Keel" design underneath the bait.

Model Size Weight Type
Stick Shadd Hollow 85 3-1/4" / 85mm 1/4 oz / 7g Sinking
Stick Shadd Hollow 100 4" / 100mm 5/8 oz / 17g Sinking

Note: Includes 4 soft lures, 1 hook, 6 Sebile soft weights

To rig weedless, use the SEBILE Soft Weight System for best results and for easy addition and removal of weight. Insert the hook through the bait's nose, come out under the chin and add the special Tungsten weights before inserting the hook into the belly. When rigged properly, the hook point ends up protected inside the lures' body.

The SEBILE Soft Weight System lets you change the way the lure will descend so if you have the weights positioned toward the front, it will dive head first. If you have the weight toward the belly, it sinks more slowly and horizontally as it kind of floats softly on its body. You may even put the weights on the bend of the hook, therefore inside the body and then the lure will have an ultra-slow descent which really looks a lot like a dying baitfish where you can simply twitch it a couple of times and let it sink for several seconds or more
before you twitch it again.

The lure can also be fished on a jig head such as the SEBILE Flats Jighead. Also excels on a drop-shot rig, wacky style and even on a fireball or bluefish rig.

This streamlined bait's shape makes it a great choice for skipping under docks, mangroves and other overhanging obstacles. The ratio between the weight, length and shape of the body is simply the best combination for skipping incredibly far back underneath anything.

The Stick Shadd Hollow is designed extra thick where it matters most so that it's as durable and re-usable as possible. Although the body is hollow, it is not a thin plastic around the hollow part. It is really a thick enough layer designed so each bait has the possibility to last longer than most other soft hollow lures.

The Stick Shadd Hollow's shape makes it excel for skipping far under docks, overhanging trees or brush, mangrove roots or other obstacles.

Keeping the Stick Shadd Hollow in the original resealable package and its body-fitting storage tray also helps preserve the quality and extend the life of these premium, hand-painted lures.

Sebile Stick Shadd Hollow 100 ~ Menhy (includes 4 soft lures, 1 hook, 6 Sebile soft weights)

Sebile Stick Shadd Hollow 100 ~ Transluclear (includes 4 soft lures, 1 hook, 6 Sebile soft weights)

Sebile Stick Shadd Hollow 100 ~ Translugreen (includes 4 soft lures, 1 hook, 6 Sebile soft weights)

Sebile Stick Shadd Hollow 100 ~ True Blue (includes 4 soft lures, 1 hook, 6 Sebile soft weights)

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