October 4, 2010

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Photo Albums

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Photo Albums

Online Albums of up to 1,000 Bassdozer Spinnerbait Configurations

I thought you may enjoy seeing some of my many spinnerbaits. There are up to 200 different spinnerbait photos in each album, and there are seven albums - so up to 1,400 spinnerbait photos and probably 1,000 different spinnerbait configurations in all!

Yes, I have personally configured them all, fished them all, and they all have their productive times and places. People often ask about the many different skirt options (over 100 skirts), the many different jig styles and so many different spinnerbaits I work with, but once you get an experience and understanding of them all, it just seems like logical and related variations of one same thing or central theme - as opposed to a messy morass of many unrelated things. So it really is not that difficult or daunting for me to look at and fish with all the spinnerbaits in the albums below - they're all just variations of the same spinnerbait theme,. and if you understand the small changes from one color, size, head style or blade configuration to the others, it's just a "family tree" of spinnerbaits that stem out as leaves on different branches, but all sharing the same roots. The same can be said of any large family of lures, whether it is Gary Yamamoto soft baits or SEBILE hard baits for example. It seems confusing and impossible to make sense of the 100's of different colors and many dozens of different models in each of those (or any other) large product lines at first, but once you get your hands-on experience with them all, then the perplexity of any lure product line really transforms into a single cohesive theme or family of related lures, and you develop a grasp or an understanding of which one to tie on next, based on knowing the small changes that occur from one model, size or color to the next one. In that way, a large family of related lures becomes a simple and logical progression from one to the next - almost a chain of relationships from one model, color or configuration to the next.

I have spent a lot of time testing and refining the smallest details and variations of components on each since surprisingly small details do make a big difference in the fish-attracting ability of spinnerbaits.

A few years back when I was testing and configuring a lot of these combinations, I went for three seasons fishing most days all year round, and caught at least one if not many good fish on spinnerbaits on every trip. So I am not a big believer in the common convention that there are certain days or specific conditions when spinnerbaits work and then there are other days or conditions when they do not work. Spinnerbaits work every day (or night) under all conditions in every season. Of course, you have to know when one spinnerbait presentation will work versus another, and often that just comes down to trying different models. sizes, colors, retrieves, water depths and so on - until you find the right one for any given moment. What finally broke my three year streak was I got on a great bite using Yamamoto Senkos one day, and the fishing was so awesome, I just spaced out and didn't think to use a spinnerbait on that occasion. Oh well.

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Album #1

Each different spinnerbait head style is given a letter of the alphabet in order to identify it. The top half of this album shows Style A heads. The second half shows Style B. Click here:

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Album #2

This album shows additional Style B heads (top third). Style C heads are in the middle third of album. Style D is the lower third of the album. Click here:

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Album #3

Style F is at the top third of this album. Stlye H (hidden head) is in the middle third. Style N (bullet nose) is the lower third of the album. Click here:

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Album #4

This album starts off with additional Style N (bullet nose) at top. Style R (hidden heads) make up the rest of the album. The Style R spinnerbait is designed the same as / to go along with my Bassdozer Wisconsin Swimming Jig. So you can go work down a bank using my Wisconsin Swimming Jig in the thick stuff and use the Style R as a companion spinnerbait to search the open stretches. So you can cover all situations you encounter along any bank. Click here:

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Album #5

The top half shows additional Style R (hidden heads). The lower half shows Style T. The Style T spinnerbait is designed the same as / to go along with my Bassdozer Flip 'N Swim Jig. The Flip 'N Swim jig is heavy duty for heavy tackle. So you can powerfish a shoreline by flipping and swimming the jig on heavy tackle in all the heavy cover you encounter. The companion Style T spinnerbait is also designed for use on heavy gear. The 1/2 oz Style T is made from / identical to the 1/2 oz Flip 'N Swim Jig. So you have a 1/2 oz jig plus1/ 2 oz spinnerbait that are essentially the same except one has a fiber weedguard and soft bait trailer for attraction whereas the other has a wire arm to serve as its weedguard and blades for attraction. Then there's the heavier 3/4 oz Style T which is a hidden head model. So now you can powerfish with a heavy flipping/swimming jig, a Style T spinnerbait that's identical to the jig plus the even beefier Style T hidden head model. What more could a powerfisherman ask for! Click here:

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Album #6

There's a mix of most of the different spinnerbait heads styles (A, B, C, D, H, N, R, T) in this album. There are a range of sizes (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 1-1/2 oz) with wire arms ranging from .032, .035. 037, .041, .045, .051 on different selections of Bassdozer Spinnerbaits. You may notice I make wide use of different blade styles not usually seen on other brands of spinnerbaits, such as Royal blades for example. Or I combine blades in unique and seldom-seen pairings such as Willow with Indiana combos for example. Reason for these unique blades and pairings is that they are some of the most productive configurations I've ever used. Please enjoy! Click here:

Bassdozer Spinnerbaits ~ Album #7

This album shows an assortment of different styles. A bunch in the middle of this album are extra heavy duty models, but you may notice that there have also been some heavy models appearing in many of the other spinnerbait albums also. Please enjoy! Click here:

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