October 6, 2010

Lucky Craft Pointer 95 ~ Suspending Jerkbait

Lucky Craft Pointer 95 ~ Silent Suspending Jerkbait

Model Size Weight Type Depth Factory Hooks
Pointer 95 3-3/4" / 95mm 5/8oz / 18.5g Silent. Suspending jerkbait. 4-5' Tail: #5. Belly: #4 VMC Black Nickel

This jerkbait is only 5mm shorter than the Pointer 100 - but the 95 has a substantially smaller body profile, not as bulky as the original Pointer 100.

For that reason alone - the smaller body profile - the Pointer 95 may prove to be a better bait for more anglers than the Pointer 100.

The original 100, with its modest rattling sound, is a little bit on the bulky, brawny powerfishing side of jerkbaits, and the 100 can be used on a little heavier tackle in and around cover.

The new 95 is more of an everyday size that can be used with a little lighter tackle than the 100 requires, and with its silent approach, the 95 is ideal for relatively open, clear water.

In fact, the Pointer 95 is probably closer in size, presentation and fishability to the Pointer 78 than it is to the 100.

The Pointer 95 will reach about 4 to 5-1/2 feet deep - slightly deeper than the Pointer 100.

To make this bait completely silent, Lucky Craft also removed the weight transfer system from the body of the lure. To compensate for the change, Lucky Craft changed the angle of the lip to make it more aerodynamic. This allows for almost the same great casting ability as the original Pointers. The lip angle also allows for a tighter wobble, while still retaining the erratic action, making the bait appear more natural in clear water conditions, and with the silent approach, the 95 is a whole new Lucky Craft Pointer presentation.

Lucky Craft Pointer 95 ~ Jerkbait ~ Aurora Black

Lucky Craft Pointer 95 ~ Jerkbait ~ Chartreuse Shad

Lucky Craft Pointer 95 ~ Jerkbait ~ Sexy Chartreuse Shad

Lucky Craft Pointer 95 ~ Jerkbait ~ Misty Shad

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