October 6, 2010

Sebile Proppler Buzz ~ Unique Floating Buzzbait

Sebile Proppler Buzz ~ Floating Buzzbait

The Proppler Buzz is at its best in the thickest cover and surface clutter that any lure will ever face. It crawls across piles of flotsam and jetsam, climbs over brush and finds its way through densely-choked lily pad fields. It seems that nothing can stop it.

It features a floating, hollow body that churns the water as it spins and splashes PLUS it is filled with raucous rattles that demand attention.

Cast the Proppler into impossibly heavy cover and retrieve so it comes across any small pockets or open patches. Those are the high percentage strike spots. You can expect the Proppler to get plowed right at the very edge of any opening on its way into and out of any little open areas.

It does not always stay on the surface, but can be made to bulge barely below the surface. It will also descend a few inches below the surface and propel along deep enough so it doesn't leave any surface disturbance at all. The angle you hold the rod plus retrieve speed are controlling factors as to the Proppler's depth level. Fish belt it any way - waking, bulging or subsurface - although they tend to strike the subsurface presentation more consistently under a wider variety of conditions.

An advantage over standard buzzbaits is that the Proppler floats when paused. It can be paused adjacent to cover and ripped hard to make a huge tear on the surface. Be prepared for the most explosive strikes of all when you rip it this way and then let it sit still. There's often a delay of several seconds before a fish will absolutely annihilate the Proppler. So don't be in a rush. The wait is well worth what happens next!

Also work the floating Proppler Buzz as if a plastic frog, with alternating pauses and small twitches of the rod tip. The skirt pulses with life and puts the poor Proppler in danger of being engulfed in a huge and ferocious splash! Add the SEBILE Dressed Trailer Hook if you experience missed bites. It not only adds a wide gap hook but more volume and action thanks to the trailer having its own skirt.

Any way you use it, it's heartstopping to watch a hidden fish flash out of cover to take a swift, boiling lunge at the wonderful, one-of-a-kind Proppler Buzz!

Model Size Weight Type Level Line Test
Proppler Buzz #2 3" / 80mm 7/8 oz / 25g Floating Wake to 3" 20 to 65 lb

Sebile Proppler Buzz No. 2 ~ Natural Perch

Sebile Proppler Buzz No. 2 ~ White Lady

Sebile Proppler Buzz No. 2 ~ Black Chartreuse

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