October 17, 2010

Mustad KVD Elite Treble Hook Model TG76BLN

Mustad KVD Elite Treble Hook Model TG76BLN

The hook that KVD has been clobbering everyone who's anyone in the bass fishing world for the past several seasons.

KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble #TG76BLN

”There simply is no other treble hook you would ever need for bass fishing” - Kevin VanDam

It's Mustad hook model #TG76BLN, also know as the Mustad KVD Elite Treble.

I first heard it was on the drawing board (or the need was perceived for it by KVD) at the beginning of 2008, and it finally reached the market in early 2010.

Why do I pick this hook as one of the best treble hooks for bass anglers? Because it is the exact quality, strength, shank, point, sharpness, durability and everything else that KVD has ever wanted in a treble hook. That's significant.

As anyone who follows KVD knows, he has practically specialized in crankbaits the past couple of seasons, and during that time, KVD has been figuring out, defining and now Mustad has produced the best possible crankbait hook that KVD requires to dominate the world's top tournaments using these trebles on his crankbaits.

Bassdozer says: "Despite all the many fine trebles already on the market, this is an important and necessary new hook model."

The wire gauge is thicker, 1X stronger (just the way KVD likes it).

KVD Elite Treble #TG76BLN (bottom row) is 2X shorter and 1X stronger than comparable size Mustad Triple Grip Wide Gap Treble #36233BLN (top row)

It has a hard black nickel finish that resists point-dulling and corrosion. I had spoken to KVD about that, and one of the ways he's been using his deep-running crankbaits is to grind them into the hard bottom spots on ledges, channel bars and humps for example. These are hard bottom areas that often contain compacted shells, rocks, gravel. So you can imagine how fast hooks may dull by grinding crankbaits onto these spots. The new KVD Elite Treble is designed to stand up to that abuse as best any hook can, according to KVD.

Not only does the black nickel finish resist dulling, making the hook point stay sharper longer. KVD told me that the black nickel finish on these hooks adds about 20% more strength to the hook, just from the hard finish alone.

It is based on a Triple Grip design that's morphed to be 2X shorter. So you can not only replace old trebles but upsize (another thing KVD likes doing). Since the shanks are 2X shorter, the next size up of KVD Elite Treble is not lengthier than the original hooks and won't marry (tangle each other) any more than the originals, if at all.

Of course the KVD Elite Treble sports an UltraPoint on the business end, with the new 4.3 Micro Sharp Point Technology that's not only the sharpest possible but at the same time strongest possible point ever produced by Mustad.

Mustad KVD Elite Treble #TG76BLN ~ Size #1 ~ Qty: 11 per pack

Mustad KVD Elite Treble #TG76BLN ~ Size #2 ~ Qty: 11 per pack

Mustad KVD Elite Treble #TG76BLN ~ Size #4 ~ Qty: 11 per pack

Mustad KVD Elite Treble #TG76BLN ~ Size #6 ~ Qty: 11 per pack

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