October 25, 2010

Lucky Craft Kelly J ~ Topwater Propbait

Lucky Craft Kelly J ~ Topwater Propbait

Model Size Weight Type Depth Factory Hooks
Kelly J 2-3/4" / 70mm 1/2 oz / 13.2g Slow Sinking/Propbait Top Two #4 VMC Black Nickel

The Kelly J is Kelly Jordon’s idea for a Lucky Craft topwater with a deep-bodied profile and flashing props on both the front and back.

Bass see poppers and walking baits go past them all the time everywhere. What they don't see as often are propbaits - and that's a good reason to use one. Simply, bass don't see propbaits in action very often. Even though the Kelly J was Lucky Craft's top-selling product in 2010, there are still not very many propbaits being used by anglers. So if you have not tried one yet, make sure to give the Kelly J a chance in 2011.

"With the deep profile and the way the bait sits in the water, it really resembles the profile of any small baitfish, especially bream," says Jordon. “It will throw water and make a lot of commotion on the top without having to move it very far.”

According to Kelly, there are several ways to work this topwater bait, but the best is to throw it out, let it pause and give it a couple quick twitches to make sure the props turn and throw water. When fished with short jerks, the props work together to throw water.  The goal isn’t to move the bait far – maybe 6 to 12 inches at a time.

With a prop on the front and one on the back, the Kelly J makes a flicking noise as if it were an aggravating baitfish, and the bass can’t resist. Because bass are opportunistic this time of year, the Kelly J will catch fish based on more than hunger strikes alone. The aggravating noise of the Kelly J, along with its realistic colors and body shape, will increase the chance for hook ups. Fish the Kelly J down shallow banks, as well as around lay downs, shallow grass, backs of pockets and seawalls. Give it two short, subtle twitches followed by a pause, and continue the pattern back to the boat. It has a natural look while sitting in the water, which is key to any great bait.

Another tactic is to simply reel it in so it works much like a buzz bait, according to Jordon.

Lucky Craft Kelly J ~ Topwater Propbait ~ Aurora Black

Lucky Craft Kelly J ~ Topwater Propbait ~ Chartreuse Shad

Lucky Craft Kelly J ~ Topwater Propbait ~ Ghost Minnow

Lucky Craft Kelly J ~ Topwater Propbait ~ American Shad

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