October 5, 2010

Jackall Bowstick 130 ~ A Topwater Walking Bait

Jackall Bowstick 130 ~ Topwater Walking Bait

Name Size Weight Type
Jackall Bowstick 130 5.2" (130mm) 1 oz (27.5g) Topwater. Floating. Walking action.

Jackall's Bowstick is a topwater bait that can be worked or 'walked' side-to-side.

The Bowstick is a solid, beefy bait. Compared in size to the popular walking baits commonly used for bass, the Bowstick 130 measures in as one of the longest of the topwater walking baits of this kind.

The Bowstick 130 is also one of the heaviest, weighing 1 ounce.

It's heavily tail-weighted. It has several different rattles inside in order to produce a couple different noise effects, but mainly it emits a loud knocking sound from a large, knocking rattle inside.

Unique among baits of this type is that the Bowstick features a gill tunnel cut-out from side to side that is designed to catch water and create splashing and bubbling, claims Jackall.

Bassdozer says: "One of the most subtle yet important design features is that the razor sharp hooks are a little smaller than what's usually seen on other walking baits. This gains you a little advantage for walking the Bowstick 130 right through heavy brush beds. The bulky body actually shields the smallish hooks from many snags on brush limbs. The hooks are only a little smaller than typical, yet the snagless aspect is greatly enhanced, and there is no reduction in the hook-up ratio when fish strike."

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