October 25, 2010

SEBILE Full-Wired Splasher 120 & Splasher 152 ~ Topwater Lures for Striped Bass Fishing

SEBILE Full-Wired Splasher 120 & Splasher 152 ~ Topwater Lures for Striped Bass Fishing

The Splasher combines the actions of three conventional topwater types - poppers, chuggers and walkers in one. The Splasher has a huge, deep bowl of a mouth, a blaring trumpet-shaped head, a water-slicing "Power Keel" and a flattened belly in order to skate and pivot more easily on the surface. Although the head is large, the tail is thin and flat - the best shape for a fish to engulf it and get hooked securely.

A Splasher can be cast a tremendous distance and can throw a huge splash for its size. When one sits in the water, the head is raised so only 30% of it's mouth is in water. The other 70% of the flared cup is above the surface where it can eject huge mouthfuls of water. It has the possibility to make a giant, drenching splash if you want to let distant or deep fish know, "Hey, look at me. I am over here! Now come get me!"

Using gentler rod actions, the Splasher can mimic a creature that's leisurely swimming and feeding on the surface, producing a more subtle splashing, spitting or bubbling noise that arouses predatorial interest.

Work the Splasher a little more aggressively, and it can imitate the struggling, twisting, turning, distressed movements of a vulnerable critter flailing furiously on the surface. It's not the smooth, predictable, mechanical action like most other lures have. Due to the unique compound curves of the Splasher's body, it mimics the panicked, struggling throes of a creature in serious trouble.

If you want to create a zig-zaggy walk the dog action, that's easy to do with the Splasher too. The proprietary "Power Keel" is the secret why the Splasher will walk the dog perfectly when you use a constant cadence of short, sharp rod twitches with a slow retrieve.

The Splasher 120 and 152 are "Full Wire" reinforced. One single piece of heavy stainless wire runs from the front eye to the tail eye along the belly, forming the belly hook hanger too.

The Splasher 120 weighs 1-1/2 oz and is the perfect size for open ocean beaches and small to medium size striped bass with medium strength gear.

The 2-3/4 oz Splasher 152 is better suited for big water and bigger striped bass using heavy gear.

Model Size Weight Type Level Line Test
Splasher 120 FW 4-3/4" / 120mm 1-1/2 oz / 42g Floating Topwater 12 to 40 lb
Splasher 152 FW 6" / 152mm 2-3/4 oz / 78g Floating Topwater 20 to 50 lb

FW: Full Wire Reinforced.

Handy size comparison of full-wired Splasher 120 (bottom) and Splasher 152 (top).

Sebile Splasher 120 ~ Topwater ~ White Lady

SEBILE Splasher 120 ~ Topwater ~ Holo Greenie

Sebile Splasher 120 ~ Topwater ~ Natural Perch

Hand-to-size comparison of full-wired Splasher 153.

Sebile Splasher 152 ~ Topwater ~ Blue Sea Chrome

Sebile Splasher 152 ~ Topwater ~  Natural Mullet

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