October 6, 2010

SEBILE Slim Stick ~ Topwater Walking Lure

SEBILE Slim Stick ~ Swervy, Curvy Topwater Walking Lure

The slender yet sturdy and distinctly styled Slim Stick comes in three sizes to cover light, medium and heavy fishing situations. All three sizes walk the dog with ease and precision.

Model Size Weight Type Level Line Test
Slim Stick 98 3-3/4" / 98mm 3/8 oz / 10.6g Floating Topwater 4 to 16 lb
Slim Stick 118 4-5/8" / 118mm 5/8 oz / 17.2g Floating Topwater 6 to 20 lb
Slim Stick 138 5-1/2" / 138mm 1 oz / 26.6g Floating Topwater 8 to 25 lb

At first glance, you may think (mistakenly) that the curved body is not very aerodynamic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, the Slim Stick is a super long distance casting champion!

The Slim Stick is so expertly balanced that even on the end of a long cast, it usually only takes one rod tip bounce to start a walking cadence and an instant rhythm of fluid zigzag motion skating across the surface. You can slow way down or speed up the walking steps without losing the side-to-side cadence at any speed. Use very gentle, short, easy rod movements to keep the Slim Stick performing perfectly in its precise side-stepping fashion.

Along with its walking action, the Slim Stick has a big tungsten bead that hits a partition wall inside and makes a loud knocking, almost popping noise. The 98's knock seems loudest since its smaller body is just not going to churn up the same volume of water commotion as the other sizes. So you really hear the 98's click the loudest. The 98 will click its way across the surface in a slippery, squiggly action unlike anything you may have seen or heard before, knocking itself silly with each zig or zag. This noise almost sounds like it's being made by a dish-faced popper, but without a popper's big splash or spit. The 118's knock or "pop" is also quite noticeable. The big, powerful 138 drowns out some of the sound of its internal knocker by how much turmoil its large body makes agitating the water, but if trophy fish are what you crave, the Slim Stick 138 is the size for you.

With the thin body of the Slim Stick, when a fish bites it is easily swallowed - so fish get hooked securely and few fish are lost.

Choose the size which best matches your tackle and size fish you are after. Generally, bigger fish fall for bigger lures, but don't forget that sometimes the biggest fish jump on smaller lures too!

The 3/8 oz 98 (bottom) is the size suited for most conditions. The 5/8 oz 118 (center) is a little bigger to attract a little better size of fish. The 1 oz 138 (top) is a big bait to appeal to big fish.

The 118 (center) and especially the 98 (bottom) are the most popular sizes for small to medium fish. The 138 (top) is pretty big. It's ideal for trophy fish.

The Slim Stick is designed for flat or lightly rippled water conditions. If waves or a surface chop gets stronger, try a Bonga Minnow or the Ghost Walker instead.

3/8 oz Sebile Slim Stick 98 ~ Topwater ~ Natural Shiner

Sebile Slim Stick 98 ~ Topwater ~ Natural Perch

Sebile Slim Stick 98 ~ Topwater ~ Holo Greenie

Sebile Slim Stick 98 ~ Topwater ~ Blue Chrome

Sebile Slim Stick 118 ~ Topwater ~ Silver Liner

Sebile Slim Stick 118 ~ Topwater ~ Natural Perch

Sebile Slim Stick 118 ~ Topwater ~ Blue Chrome

Sebile Slim Stick 118 ~ Topwater ~ Holo Greenie

Sebile Slim Stick 118 ~ Topwater ~ Natural Shiner

SEBILE Slim Stick 118 ~ Topwater ~ Chartreuse White OB

SEBILE Slim Stick 118 ~ Topwater ~ Red Head White Hologram

Sebile Slim Stick 138 ~ Topwater ~ Blue Chrome

Sebile Slim Stick 138 ~ Topwater ~ Natural Shiner

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