October 6, 2010

SEBILE Spin Shad ~ Tailspinner Lure

SEBILE Spin Shad ~ Tailspinner Fishing Lure

SEBILE's award-winning Spin Shad is a very versatile lure that can catch almost anything that swims in fresh or saltwater. It gives you a wide range of performance that very few other baits possess. There are not that many baits you can burn, you can have a medium speed retrieve, go slow, even bottom-bouncing or yo-yo it. You can fish one foot under the surface or extremely deep. To give you a feel for just how deep, the Spin Shad #1 is only 3/4 oz but can be slowly bottom-bounced down to 60 feet deep. With the 1-1/4 oz Spin Shad #2, you can vertical fish 120 to 150 feet deep with thin diameter braided line.

Model Weight Type Casting Jigging Line Test
Spin Shad #1 3/4 oz / 22g Sinking 3 to 8 ft ≤25 ft 8 to 20 lb
Spin Shad #2 1-1/4 oz / 35g Sinking 5 to 12 ft ≤40 ft 12 to 25 lb

The Spin Shad is made of heavy bismuth metal encased inside a fish-shaped hard plastic body adorned with the lifelike details and realistic color finishes of a small crankbait.

Yet it's the matching blade that makes the Spin Shad absolutely irresistible. Resembling a pair of small baitfish, the blade and the body are a conjunction of two lures in one. The flashing blade follows the body wherever it goes, presenting the schooling action of two baits together.

The powerful blade also rocks and vibrates the entire body. So both the body and tail shudder enticingly.

As soon as it hits the water, the blade starts spinning and keeps spinning no matter what. Whether on the drop, on the way up, on the way down, on a horizontal retrieve, while vertical jigging or twitching it, you almost never break the action of the blade. If the Spin Shad is moving by any means, the blade will spin and emit attractive turbulence, flashes and vibration to draw fish to the bait. It is constantly working to attract fish for you.

The blade will not pull hard against the rod either. This lack of water pressure makes the Spin Shad effective at any speed or any depth no matter how you work it. You are able to fish the Spin Shad from a foot or two below the surface to very deep. Simply let the Spin Shad sink to your target level and since the blade doesn't pull hard against your rod, the Spin Shad will stay at whatever level you wish to retrieve it in the water column. Naturally, you should reel a little faster to maintain a level high in the water column, reel at a moderate speed to keep the Spin Shad at mid-depths, and reel slowly to keep the Spin Shad deep for the entire retrieve.

The Spin Shad's heavy body has a wider belly than its back, and that wide belly also helps to stabilize the Spin Shad at any depth you retrieve it. So the body has a low center of gravity that helps keep the bait running at your targeted depth in the water column.

Go ahead and fish the Spin Shad in brush, reeds, tree roots, rocks or tough grass. The head is wedge-shaped to push through cover and the wide belly is designed to protect the upper two hook points behind the wide front part of the head. You may even clip the lower point off the treble hook and it will be amazingly snagless now. Most days, there's no difference you'll be able to tell in fish caught or hits missed using this hook modification. You'll be hooking fish and snagging less!

Other days, when fish are hitting short, you may move the treble hook from underneath the belly to the split ring that holds the blade. Rigged so the treble lies on the inner or cupped side, the blade serves as a protective shield to help keep the tail treble away from snags. Adding a treble has little effect on the blade's rotation, and you'll catch many short strikers this way.

Size comparisons of smaller 3/4 oz Spin Shad #1 and larger 1-1/4 oz Spin Shad #2.

Items in photos above NOT included with item for sale.

The price is for one (1) fishing lure brand new in box as shown below.

NOTE: Spin Shads are now being made by SEBILE with only one belly hook with just the spinner blade on the tail. No second tail hook included any longer.

Sebile Spin Shad #1 ~ 3/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Light Violet

Sebile Spin Shad #1 ~ 3/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Holo Greenie

Sebile Spin Shad #1 ~ 3/4 oz Tailspinner ~ White Lady

Sebile Spin Shad #1 ~ 3/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Natural Shiner

SEBILE Spin Shad #1 ~ 3/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Gold Shiner

Sebile Spin Shad #2 ~ 1-1/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Light Violet

Sebile Spin Shad #2 ~ 1-1/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Holo Greenie

Sebile Spin Shad #2 ~ 1-1/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Natural Shiner

Sebile Spin Shad #2 ~ 1-1/4 oz Tailspinner ~ White Lady

Sebile Spin Shad #2 ~ 1-1/4 oz Tailspinner ~ Gold Shiner

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