October 6, 2010

Lucky Craft Sammy 105 One Knocker ~ Topwater Walking Lure

Lucky Craft Sammy 105 ~ Topwater Walking Lure

The Sammy 105 fits in between my two favorite Sammy sizes - the Sammy 100 and 115.

Model Size Weight Type Depth Factory Hooks
Sammy 105 4-1/8" / 105mm 9/16 oz / 16g Floating/Walking, One Knocker Sound Top Belly: Two #4 VMC Black Nickel. Tail #3 Black VMC Nickel

The 105 has the wider nose and wide tail shape similar to the 115.

However, there are a couple of things that make the 105 unique:

  • Three Trebles Instead of Two. This increases chances to hook fish that slash at it, and makes it better for light tackle or spinning gear. It's a big advantage in the heat of the summer (or anytime) when fish hit topwaters lethargically but don't enthusiastically engulf them, the third treble will put more fish in the boat.
  • One Knocker. The 105's weighted with a single large ball that emits a knocking, clicking or popping noise as you work the bait.

Sammy 105 has one knocker ball in its tail (shown above).

In comparison, tails on both Sammy 100 (shown above) and 115 models have multiple ball weights in the tail plus glass beads in the head for a wide range of noise.

You can see in the package below, the tail treble on the 105 is a little larger than the belly trebles.

Lucky Craft Sammy 105 ~ Topwater ~ MS American Shad

Lucky Craft Sammy 105 ~ Topwater ~ Chartreuse Shad

Lucky Craft Sammy 105 ~ Topwater ~ Aurora Black

Lucky Craft Sammy 105 ~ Topwater ~ Ghost Minnow

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